Care of your jewelry

  • 1) Do not wear your gemstone jewelry while showering, swimming, or working with chemicals. Stainless steel can hold up, but most other metals or gemstones will be tarnished, weakened, or destroyed by continuous, direct contact with the chemicals in most water.

  • 2) Store Copper and Brass wire-wrapped pendants and chainmaille in a box with anti-tarnish fabric lining. Pendants with gemstones in them that include Silver plated, copper, or brass wire require specialty cleaning to keep them from corroding the stones or the metal. Most jewelry cleaners are meant primarily for silver, and can potentially discolor certain semi-precious stones.

  • 3) For quick cleaning and polishing of fairly clean jewelry, use a polishing cloth made for all jewelry types.

  • 4) If you need your chainmaille or wire-wrapped jewelry cleaned and polished, please contact me! I will do it free of charge during our One Year Guarantee, and then it will be $12 per piece to clean, return shipping included.

Care and Cleaning